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Control your waste management operations

From production to final treatment, keep control of your waste with ZERØ, TEIMAS’ digital solution that guarantees regulatory compliance and promotes sustainable production models.

Management documents, guarantee the flow of information with your collaborators, analyse your indicators, and improve your business decisions with the digital tool that converts your waste data into practical information accessible on any device, anywhere.

What ZERØ can do for you

Improve the flow of information with your suppliers, allowing you to quickly view all the information concerning any waste they manage for you.

Allow total traceability of all waste from its place of origin to its final treatment (quantity, type, destination, treatment, outputs...), because your data will be consolidated under a single tool.

Ensure compliance with waste shipment regulations, because you’ll work on a platform where you can generate and directly access your waste documents (treatment contracts, shipment notifications, identification documents, chronological files).

Streamline the preparation of inspections, audits, and sustainability reports, because you’ll be able to access your data history and generate exportable reports.

Generate and monitor your waste documents anywhere, anytime thanks to SaaS technology.

Help you save time and administrative costs, because you’ll automate document management, eliminate paper-based data collection, and improve task distribution.

Foster your sustainability strategy: through dashboards, you can view your business indicators, pursue a circularity-based production model, incorporate the principles of the ZERØ WASTE movement into your operations, and contribute to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals when managing the waste you produce.

Help you establish best practices in the management of the waste you generate.


Main features of ZERØ

Waste control record (quantity, type, destination, ...)

Waste labelling (storage labels with all necessary information and pictograms)

Waste movements (allows you to trace both internal and external movements)

Document management and legal compliance (generates and stores, in updated formats, all waste-related documents, such as treatment contracts, identification documents, chronological files...)


Main features of ZERØ

Reporting and analysis capacity (relates all the information stored about your waste in a graphic and synthesized way. Add business indexes to relate them to your waste)

Multiplatform (web, mobile app)

Cloud (access from any device, anywhere without installation)


Main features of ZERØ

Easy integration with other software (ERP, reporting tools, ...)

Multinational (controls a single location or several spread around the world with individual or consolidated information)

Adaptability in the implementation of users, with different roles and levels of authorisation

ZERØ, developed by Teimas

Waste management is becoming increasingly demanding. The regulations favouring sustainable policies and environmental protection imply the exhaustive monitoring of all waste generated from origin to end point, increasing the shared responsibility of producers.

Through technological solutions such as Teixo, GreTel, ZERØ and environmental platforms, we have provided specialised support for waste management since 2008, ensuring regulatory compliance and streamlining the flow and analysis of information to favour and promote sustainable businesses.

El equipo ZERO

Pioneros en tecnología para la economía circular

Miguel Varela

Con una carrera de más de 15 años dedicada a la tecnología, incluyendo el desarrollo de diversos sistemas de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente de Galicia y colaborando en la creación de un nuevo sistema para la tramitación electrónica de la gestión de residuos en España (Proyecto ETER), Miguel se ha especializado en el sector de la sostenibilidad y conoce a fondo las normativas y problemáticas del sector residuos.

Iago Elizechea
Product Owner

Con más de 15 años dedicados a la informática, Iago ha coordinado y ejecutado múltiples proyectos de implantación de sistemas y de I+D en España, incluyendo varios proyectos AVANZA e INCITE. Desde 2009 ha desarrollado y dirigido varias herramientas de Teimas para el sector residuos en España y a nivel internacional: Teixo, ALR-ECOSIGG, SIGA, GaIA, Singer.

Castor Casas
Business Development

Más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector ambiental para entidades públicas y privadas. Conoce a fondo los requisitos normativos y de proceso que se aplican a la gestión de toda la cadena de valor. Las especificidades y problemáticas de las mercancías y los residuos peligrosos. Coordinador en la implantación de la herramienta TEIXO de Teimas para la mejora de los procesos corporativos. Responsable de la consultoría funcional de ZERO y del desarrollo de negocio.


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